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My Mosaic x Merci-Buku, Inc.

Simple, Fast, & Secure Cashless Tipping

A digital tipping platform designed for luxury hospitality that puts more money in the pockets of your service employees, offers a convenient way for guests to tip, and provides valuable guest feedback.

Increase Take-Home Pay

Digital tipping adds to employee pay without affecting your bottom line.

Convenient for guests, rewarding for employees.

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Simple, Fast & Secure Web-Application

No download required.

The digital tipping platform uses a browser and does not require any downloading by guests, staff, or managers.

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Elegant QR entry points

Guests scan a QR code to leave tips directly into the pockets of your staff.

Upscale signage designed to compliment in-room decor for luxury brands.

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Data-Driven Insights

Pictured here: Manager's Portal

Managers have easy access to view analytics on top performers, guest feedback, and number of tips.

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How It Works

Digital Tipping in three easy steps.

1) Tip Acceptance

Guests leave cashless tips with their smart phone by accessing the web-app via entry points such as QR codes.

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2) Tip Reconciliation

Configurable rules and integrations allow you to match the tips with the correct recipients with ease and accuracy.

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3) Tip Disbursement

Funds are transferred in *real-time via payroll or directly into employees bank accounts.

Employees get a *real-time notification every time a tip is left.

*real-time - tips are available only after reconciliation

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