Collection: Amy Logsdon

Hello, I’m Amy.  In addition to being a wife and mother, I’m an artist who puts watercolor imagery and illustration to life’s special moments, such as travel, weddings, family and the home.

The first  map I created was for my sister’s wedding in 2007 in Santa Barbara, California.   Since then, I have created many Moment Maps for couples to capture their memorable wedding day and the special moments leading up to it, such as when they first met, their first date and the proposal.

Putting all of these illustrations into a map-like painting (please don’t mind the creative approaches to placing China near Southern California) has turned into something much more  than the simple street map I started with!  Other purposes for these Moment Maps have developed over the years, with some clients opting for Family maps  or Anniversary maps.  

I find pure joy in creating something of importance for others, and truly believe every person should have personal art hanging in their home as a reminder of the happiest moments in life.  Let's create something together!