Luxury Acrylic Trays

Everyone’s new coffee table centerpiece.

Sure to be the eye-catching centerpiece and topic of conversation, our trays are perfect for your next cocktail hour, or as a decorative piece for your table or shelf. Precision-fabricated acrylic is created custom for My Mosaic here in Southern California. Image is printed on the underside, and finished with a layer of scratch-resistant enamel spray. Large rubber feet prevent slipping and protect image.

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Material & Design

Precision-crafted in USA
Flame-polished edges
Ergonomic handles
Anti-Slip rubber feet

Expertly Made in the USA

California born.
We partnered with an acrylic fabricator in our home state who share our vision for superior quality. As always, 100% printed in Santa Barbara.
Precision craftmanship built to last.
Using best-in-class acrylic glue and fabrication techniques, these trays are guaranteed to last for years and years. Perfect 90 degree corners and 1/100mm precision cut acrylic make these a distinctly high-quality product.
Flame-polished to perfection.
We pride ourselves on attention to detail including flame-polishing every edge of our trays. This creates a distinctive crystal-clear affect and slightly rounded edges for a softer touch.

Custom Ergonomic Handles

Through months of testing we finally found the perfect size, shape, and height for our handles. Our ergonomic design is both functional and aesthetic. We even went ahead and flame-polished the inside edges, creating a slightly rounded edge for increased comfort while holding.

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Anti-Slip Rubber Feet

We searched high and low for the perfect rubber feet that were both functional and elegant.Their height allows .325 inches of space between the tray and your table ensuring protection for both. We purposefully positioned them so they would not be visible from above, and tested the glue for its longevity.

Printing & Resolution

CMYK color format
Edge-to-edge image
Up to 1200 x 1200 PPI Resolution
Custom printing on back

Color Brought to Life

Our state-of-the-art printer uses a CMYK color format to ensure every ounce of color is depicted in your image.

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There is a four-layer process every one of our products goes through.

1. Primer

First we spray the entire underside of your tray with a special primer formulated for acrylic. This primer is crystal clear and allows your color layer to show through unobstructed.

2. Colors

We then print your image with a special type of ink that cures instantly. The four colors of ink can be mixed within our machine to create billions of combinations of shades, hues, tones, and vibrancies.

3. White

A thick layer of white ink is then coated over the entire image and cured instantly. This white ink doesn’t allow any light to pass through, allowing your colors to magically illuminate (try viewing in direct sunlight).

4. Crystal clear enamel

Each tray is then hand-sprayed with a generous layer of crystal-clear enamel. This enamel dries overnight creating a scratch-resistant and watercolor proof coating.

All Yours, Fully Custom

Custom underside. The full width of the underside is all yours to print on as well. Anything from colored logos, text paragraphs, and even QR codes are possible”.This space is a chance to share information about your company, a note to your client, or a QR linking to external documents and websites.

Presentation & Packaging

Gift & Retail ready packaging
Custom Sized Box
Tissue Paper
No plastic packaging, ever.

Gift and retail ready.

This box features a glossy white exterior and is 100% recyclable corrugated cardboard.

Custom sized box.

We work with a factory partner to create a custom-sized box specially designed for our trays.

Tissue paper.

Your trays are wrapped in white tissue paper for the ultimate reveal experience when opened.

No plastic packaging, ever.

We pride ourselves on being environmentally conscious. We do not use cellophane, plastic, or non-recyclable materials in our packaging, ever.

Use Cases

Client gifts
Luxury Retail
Donor Gifts
Designer Product Line Expansion

Our printing capabilities include the following

Personal Photography

Need a thoughtful gift for that special someone? Weddings, Birthdays, family gatherings, or special moments can now live on display forever.

Patterns & Textiles

Are you a designer with your own patterns and textiles? Use these to extend your product offerings. Wholesale pricing available.

Watercolors & Paintings

You can now print your artwork on our products. All we need is a high-res scan or photo of your work. Available for wholesale directly to you, or sell with us on our ecommerce site.

Fine Art Photography

Our photography is printed exactly how it comes out of the camera.

Craft Your Own Custom Acrylic Tray

Available in Multiple Sizes

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Most Popular

Luxury Serving Tray

Dimensions - 16” x 20” x 2” includes handles

Coffee table centerpiece
Service for cocktail hour
Impressive gift

Decorative Tray

Dimensions - 12” x 15” x 1.5”

Beautiful decorative gift
Luxury retail
Conversation piece

Valet Tray

Dimensions - 8” x 10” x 1”

Decorative object
Makeup / catchall tray
Perfect for small spaces