4" x 5" Acrylic Upright Sign

4" x 5" Acrylic Upright Sign

Product Information

Stylish, sophisticated, and versatile. These Upright Signs are perfect for any signage needs. Designed as ultra luxurious table-talkers, they easily compliment any table. Small enough to not be in the way, but large enough to be visible. Vertical slide measures 4" x 5" and is an eighth inch thick. The base is solid acrylic, measure 2" x 2". Includes printing of logo on both base and slide. 

Slide can be requested to be removable, offering a versatile utility. Easily switch between reserved signs, or QR codes. Removable slide also offers easy stackable storage. 

We request you provide either your own digital QR code file, or a ready-to-print file. If providing just a QR file, design services are included. 

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About The Product

Designed for table tops, these offer unique versatility as either QR codes, Reserved signs, or any other signage needs.

- Food & Beverage Menus

- In-Room Dining

- Reserved signs

- Place settings

- Table number Identifiers

Shipping & Returns

Shipping - All orders will be shipped out the Friday of the week it was purchased via UPS. For orders placed on Fridays, we try our best to ship out same-day, but in some cases those orders will ship out the following week.

Returns - Except for manufacturing defects or breakage during shipping, each of our products are made to order and all sales are final. Requests for reprints must be made within 5 days of delivery.

Care Instructions

Hand-wash only.

Wipe gently with microfiber or lens cloth. Do not use harsh agents like multi-surface cleaner. Image is permanently adhered to acrylic, however extreme conditions can affect adherence.

Do not submerge.