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Rosewood Miramar Beach - Custom QR Codes

Rosewood Miramar Beach - Custom QR Codes

Project Request

Rosewood Miramar Beach partnered with us to create QR codes for multiple facilities on their property. Boasting 19 oceanfront acreage, complete with private beach, two pools, and a private club, Rosewood Miramar Beach had a lot of ground to cover. They wanted something that could blend in seamlessly with their décor and be safe for pool and beachside activity. Regulations stipulate no glass by the pool, so naturally we recommended our Acrylic QR Coasters.

Cabana Pool

Rosewood’s Manor Pool is their 21 and older pool. DJs, cabanas, and a beautiful, scalloped edge makes this a social hotspot for visitors and locals alike. Elegant and refined, this pool has a dedicated menu tailored to the likes of adults. They needed a QR code that could display their menu and be safe for poolside activity. QRs were placed on every side table and in the cabanas.

Rosewood wanted to differentiate each location by color. Cabana Pool was white with black trim, to match their umbrellas.

Elegant QR Codes

Manor Pool

Complete with a dedicated ice cream shop, this kid-friendly pool is the perfect place to let the young ones run wild. Private cabanas with TVs, and a menu tailored to kids makes this a day-long destination for everyone. Rosewood needed QRs to display their menu for this pool.

Manor Pool’s color code was yellow, to match their yellow-trimmed umbrellas.

Custom QR Codes

Private Beach

Rosewood Miramar Beach sits on what you might have guessed with Miramar Beach, a quaint longtime favorite beach for locals. Loved for its lack of access, small beachside cottages, mild tides, this beach has been a favorited dog walking destination for decades. Rosewood has taken up residence on a portion of this beach with private beach loungers, dedicated wait staff, and ocean floats available for kids. Just steps away from the ocean, they needed QRs to live on side tables by their loungers. Due to the salty air, they were concerned about the longevity. Our Acrylic QRs were just the right fit.

Rosewood chose Green to match the tropical color of the ocean.

Custom QR Codes

Miramar Club

Miramar Club is an exclusive club, where members of the community can join for various social and dining experiences. This club needed reserved signs for their chairs and tables. Basing the design from their pool QR purchases, they asked these signs to be slightly larger. They requested 6in x 6in signs, with specific verbiage and logos printed on them.  

Matching The Brand

For any client, we always request your brand style guide. This guide is standard issue for any hotel, specifying which fonts, logos, and colors are to be used at any instance. Like most luxury brands, Rosewood is very particular about the use of their brand assets.

Specific logos are to be used some places, not others. Brand colors and fonts are especially important to maintain continuity across the entire property. We requested this style guide to be sure to make these QRs blend in as seamlessly as possible. Rosewood assisted with direction as to the design of these products.

Custom QR Codes

About the Products

For this project, our primary product was our Acrylic QR Coaster. We partner with a trusted fabricator in Orange County, CA to cut the acrylic for us. They consistently produce a high-quality product that both we and our clients love.

The acrylic is 4” x 4”, and a half inch thick. The sides are treated with an ultra-fine sander to produce near glass-like transparency. The top and bottom are completely transparent. If there was no printing you wouldn’t know it was there.

We then spray the bottom with clear enamel. A non-toxic spray that enveloped the product and hardens, creating a water and scratch-resistant shell.

Large rubber feet prevent slipping on surfaces.

The reserved signs for the Miramar Club were cut from the same acrylic. It did not contain a QR code.


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