Laguna Blanca School - Volunteer & Student Awards

Laguna Blanca School - Volunteer & Student Awards

About The Project

We were introduced to Laguna Blanca School through one of our industry partners, a very talented boutique graphic design studio in Santa Barbara named Wonder & Wit. In the past, we hired Wonder & Wit for a few graphic design projects, logo creation, and collateral. We also supplied them with Holiday gifts for some of their clients, one of whom was Laguna Blanca School.

Laguna subsequently reached out to us later to create products as part of a two-part project to create both personalized volunteer and student awards. 

Laguna Blanca, Student Awards, custom AwardsVolunteer Gift

The school underwent an extensive renovation project to upgrade a few of their facilities, which employed the help of volunteers associated with the school. Laguna wanted to show their appreciation for this volunteer service.

They requested us to make simple, elegant heirloom quality items they could distribute easily, live on display, and be practical usable products. We recommended our Single Premium Coaster for this gift.

Printed on the front was a custom watercolor created for the school, featuring their iconic arch with the words “Enter To Grow In Wisdom” written above.

Laguna Blanca school, student awards,

Single Premium Coaster

On the back was a custom message naming and thanking the volunteers involved. Both the owl graphic and custom message on the back was created by Wonder & Wit at the request of Laguna.

Student awards, custom giftscustom awards, student awards

Student Awards

Each year, Laguna pays tribute to the students that stand out in a variety of categories including Editor of Magazine, math, creative writing, and various languages. These student awards are given out at the graduation ceremony and serve the students as a reminder of their excellent performance during the year.

student awards, custom gifts

We were asked to create commemorative awards as part of this tradition. For this project we also recommended our Single Premium Coaster. The award featured the school’s mascot, an owl, with a photo of their courtyard in the background.

student awards, custom gifts

Each coaster had a unique message on the back, listing the student’s name and category in which they excelled. For these purposes we omitted the student's name. student awards, custom gifts

Finished Product

Both projects were an incredible success, and Laguna came back to us the year after to create student awards again for that year’s students who excelled. Our Single Premium Coaster is a popular choice for simple, affordable awards, gifts, and merchandise.

student awards, custom awards

The weight of the glass not only makes it feel substantial in the hands of their recipients, but also makes it a practical, elegant addition to any table.

About The Product

Our Single Premium Coaster is one of our smaller, more accessible products. Sold as single units, these small but mighty products capture the attention of anyone it’s given to.

student awards, custom gifts

Single Premium Coaster

A 4in x 4in coaster is made of a half inch thick piece of glass, weighing a substantial 10oz. Like all our glass, it has chamfered polished edges, adding an elegant touch to the product.

student awards, custom gifts

Your image is on the underside, bringing it to life by seeing it through a half inch of glass. Your custom message and/or logo is printed on the back.

If you are interested in purchasing our Single Premium Coaster for your business, give us a call.



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