Innovative Ways the Hospitality Industry has Adopted QR codes

Innovative Ways the Hospitality Industry has Adopted QR codes

QR codes helped save the tourism and hospitality industries during the pandemic, keeping doors open by providing easy and quick touchless service options.  

But we didn’t really consider the huge potential of QR codes to create exceptional service for guests, significantly cut labor costs, and give managers deep insights into customer behavior. 

These little powerhouses can be adapted to provide a wide range of information and services to your guests, and with the right signage, they can blend in seamlessly with your decor to reflect your brand and style. 

Read on to learn about some of the ways QR codes are boosting the hospitality industry to provide a richer customer experience.

Event & Activity Promotion

Promote upcoming events and resort activities, provide information on services like pool hours or class schedules, and offer guests the ability to make reservations and give feedback.

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Think about where guests may be pulling out their phones to check email or scroll through Instagram. Those are great moments for them to encounter a QR code “in the wild,” where they’ll be curious and inclined to scan. Waiting by the elevator, milling around the business area, lounging in the cafe - all places where you can capture their attention. 

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Elevator halls are good places to add a wall signage. We make 6” x 6” and 8” x 10” high-quality Acrylic Standoff Signs for walls and flat surfaces. Custom sizes are also available.

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The QR code acts like a link between the guest and a destination of your choice. You can direct guests to a page on your website, a PDF document, or a combination of both. See how you can make a menu of multiple destinations. 

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Our glass qr coasters are a perfect fit in guest rooms and on restaurant tables and bars.

Reservations, Membership Clubs, and Cashless Gratuity.

Save your guests time and they’ll adore you. QRs can give guests the services otherwise provided by a human behind a desk. Now they can make dinner reservations right from their guest rooms. 

QR codes placed in guest rooms, reception, the cafe and the lounge are all good places. These codes can also be placed in other areas of the hotel where guests might linger, like doorways and the reception area.

A permanent wall-mounted acrylic sign works well at the Concierge desk and hallways.

Glass qr code, Glass QR Coaster. Half-inch thick glass features beveled edges, and large rubber feet to prevent slipping. A natural addition to any table or desk. Place them on bedside tables in guest rooms to provide easy access in an elevated, upscale delivery method that blends in with your decor., qr code, hospitality qr codes

Another noteworthy innovation is buku global, a service that allows guests to leave gratuity for any hotel staff, contactless and secure. Whether it be housekeeping, valet, or concierge, gratuity is now just a QR scan away. Buku is one of our industry partners, click here to learn more.

Put your QR codes to work

Not only are your customers happier and more engaged, but the burden on staff has also been lifted. QR codes give everyone a break, providing so much service and information for next to nothing. 

They create less burden on the staff, increase your revenue through different channels, increase customer experience and loyalty, and offer an elevated experience and level of service. 

We’re here to help

We have high-quality, upscale solutions to QR code signage that blend perfectly with finer decor. 

We can manage your project from start to finish, and deliver gorgeous signage for guest rooms, restaurants, reception and any other part of your property, inside and out. 

Let us help you start saving money and provide a deeper, richer guest experience.

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