Innovative Invitations

Innovative Invitations

You’ve been planning the details of your event and want it to be epic. Whether it’s a corporate retreat, a holiday party or your very own wedding, every detail matters, down to the invitations.

As your guests’ first impression of your event, the invitations set the mood, the tone, the expectation and even the scale. Whether it’s a wedding, a New Years party or a corporate retreat, guests get a feel for what’s coming right from the start by the quality and style of your invitation. 

In other words, while postcards might be fine for a beach volleyball game, they hardly work for a more elegant or important event.

Custom Wedding Invitations

My Mosaic’s Signature Coaster Set is an innovative invitation option that can be treasured and used for years to come. It’s not only innovative, it’s elegant and fun, and can be highly personalized.

Presentation Matters

Nestled in a cloth-covered clamshell box with magnetic closure, four thick glass coasters with beveled edges and rubber feet sit perfectly aligned, tied with a white satin ribbon, presenting your invitation like a gift.

Custom Wedding Invitations

Inside, your guests will find a story

You’ll include the what, when and where of your event, but you can convey so much more. 

If you’re planning a wedding, your first coaster can be clear glass with your names and the date, the second coaster can be a photo of the two of you that shows through, the third can be the details of your wedding with a QR code to register, and the fourth could be a gorgeous photo of the property where your wedding will take place. (Read about how QR codes can be a rich resource for your wedding).

If you’re hosting a corporate retreat, you can design a coaster set with a clear, branded coaster that includes the name and date of the retreat, a second coaster with a photo of the property, the third coaster a map of the hiking trails or river rafting excursion, and the fourth can be a qr code to register. You can include  any graphic or image, all with your brand. (Read about including QR codes in your business).

The possibilities for creativity, and even personalization, are endless.

Your invitations can be personalized for each guest - use a photo of you and the guest, some childhood memories, a special message and whatever else you’d like to include. It’s a meaningful gesture that creates a coaster set your guest will treasure.

Custom Wedding Invitations

My Mosaic Signature Coaster Sets create a lasting impression that will be treasured.

Your invitations will be elegant, gorgeous, reusable keepsakes that your guests will enjoy for years to come, creating not just the first impression of your event, but also the lasting memento that brings up those  memories every day.

Custom Wedding Invitations

Produced in a craftsman’s Santa Barbara, CA studio

More than a business, producing high quality pieces that can be enjoyed for years is a passion for Alex Siegal, owner/founder and craftsman, who also partners with the finest resorts to produce their signage, gifts and products.

Alex personally oversees the quality of each coaster, using fade-resistant, signage-quality ink and cutting-edge printing technology. The materials are also chosen with great attention to detail, fulfilling the vision of upscale, luxury items that blend seamlessly with the finest objects and interiors.

Custom Wedding invitations

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