How QR Codes Boost Your Business

Rosewood Miramar Beach

How QR Codes Boost Your Business

You may be getting tired of seeing QR codes everywhere, but they’ve proven themselves to be mighty little warriors on your customer service team. If you haven’t adopted QR codes to boost your hospitality business, grab a cup of tea and read on - QR codes can elevate your service in dozens of ways, and they’re just getting started.  

QR codes also fabulous little tattletales, running back to you with all sorts of information on guest interaction, from the time they spent looking over your menus to which questions they had for management. Behind the scenes, QR codes are providing valuable insights into guests’ behavior and needs, and engaging them in ways you simply didn’t have access to before.

For a very small investment, you can place elegant QR code signs to tastefully blend in with your decor and lend an air of “upscale information.”

Shutters On The Beach

My Mosaic offers Acrylic QR Coasters and Acrylic Mini Blocks to fit in any space.

A huge opportunity for guest information and trends.

QR codes offer reporting and analytics that let you know the time of day, location and web pages visited, if the guest made a booking, placed an order, provided feedback or asked a question. 

You’ll be able to see how long they interacted on your website and which information was useful, or if they shared your menu or event to social media. That’s a very powerful set of information to receive on an ongoing basis for such a small investment. 

As more and more guests interact with your codes, you’ll be able to see trends, such as when codes are most accessed, the most used features, and what information is most popular. You’ll be able to see trends in guest comments as well. This realtime feedback will allow you to fine-tune the information you offer on your QR codes as you go.Elegant QR codes

MyMosaic also offers 8 x 10 and 6 x 6 Standoff Signs that can be customized to your interiors.

Provide QR codes throughout your property for a richer, deeper guest experience.

In the dining room and bar

QR codes hold a lot more information than just a menu. You can enrich your guests’ experience by offering a deeper dive into all that you have to offer.

Elegant QR codes

MyMosaic’s Glass QR Coaster is perfect for the bar, blending in with the upscale interior.

In your dining and bar areas, MyMosaic’s Glass or Acrylic QR Coasters, with your branding and design, provide options to read menus (food, bar, and maybe even a secret menu), look at specials, place an order, ask a question, check in on social media, read about your upcoming special events, pay the bill, and you can even include a video about the history of the establishment. 

Elegant QR Codes

MyMosaic’s Glass or Acrylic QR Coasters work wonderfully in dining spaces. Subtle, elegant, superb.

The code is easy and inexpensive to set up, and MyMosaic can even assist with that step. The information presented with the code can be changed in the backend of your website anytime and as often as you like, making this an incredible long-term tool.

MyMosaic partners with a company called Flowcode, who specialize in QR codes that are more than just a static menu. Flowcode creates menus of links to different pages on your website where you’ve created specialized landing pages that are phone-friendly and easy to use. Flowcode understands your needs and can customize a strategy to allow your guests access to all of your goodies in a way that is easy to navigate and fun to use.

In the hotel lobby

QR codes in the lobby allow guests to quickly check in to their room without waiting in line. They can learn more about the hotel’s amenities, read dining and room service menus, ask questions in a chat, connect with their customer loyalty program, provide feedback to management or book a tennis court. 

In guest rooms

QR codes in rooms give guests a much higher level of service because they can do so many things instantly. Instead of a big binder of menus, instructions and information, a simple QR code, elegantly presented on a thick glass tile by the bedside or on the desk, can provide a plethora of information and services to enrich your guest’s stay and, if planned well, can take care of most of their needs while still feeling very personalized.

Guest room QR codes
Say goodbye to the days of printing and distributing messy brochures. Glass QR Coasters in guest rooms make it effortless to find information, book a reservation or order room service. 

Instructions for the TV, remote control, phone and other equipment are always handy and up to date. Guests can browse through menus, lists of TV channels, pool hours, read checkout instructions, make dining reservations, book appointments for a massage or the salon, and connect to WiFi without a password - all from a simple QR code.

Guest room innovation

Acrylic Mini Block

Youtip’s QR code is housed in our Mini Acrylic Block, measuring 2.75” x 2.75”. 

Another innovative use of QR codes in hotels comes from Youtip, a company that provides a cashless tipping solution by providing QR codes for the guest room, concierge desk or at the valet stand. Because the code is so easy and fast to use, and guests are transitioning to a cashless society, tips are left more frequently.

QR codes around the property

Codes are also useful when guests are somewhere out on the resort and have a question or would like to make a plan. Like an invisible butler, the QR code takes care of their needs without having to walk back to the hotel. 

Codes can be placed at advantageous locations, like next to benches on trails, on tables at the tennis court and in the gardens where guests walk.

MyMosaic’s Acrylic QR Coaster is perfect for the beach, the pool, a picnic area, the stable or the golf course (and even works great to keep on hand in the cart).

Rosewood Miramar Beach

Rosewood Miramar Beach is a stunning, upscale, 5-star resort property located in Montecito, CA. It has gorgeous extended grounds, endless beaches as well as pools, cabanas and gardens. 

Rosewood Miramar Beach

Rosewood wanted to provide access to QR codes across their grounds, but the delivery system had to look and feel as elegant as every other detail of their property. They needed something beautiful and high-quality, and also fade-resistant, easy to clean and unbreakable. 

Rosewood Miramar Beach

My Mosaic’s Acrylic QR Coasters work anywhere you need them, made with signage-quality, fade-resistant ink to last.

Rosewood chose our Acrylic QR Coaster, measuring 4” x 4”. We assisted with every step of the process: we advised them on what they needed, assisted with graphic design, handled the QR code creation, and then produced the order of 200 coasters in our studio in Santa Barbara, CA.

Rosewood Miramar Beach

Rosewood requested assorted colors to identify between two pools and the beach lounge chairs. 

Rosewood’s coasters greatly increased the resort’s use of QR codes, giving guests a deeper, richer resort experience with faster, better service, and taking some burden off of staff by providing automated information, reservations and orders. The Acrylic QR Coasters were the perfect solution to deliver QR codes to guests in a luxury setting.

Tips for success with your QR codes

  • Find where guests are pausing. Your guests are more likely to engage with QR codes when they have a moment on their hands, such as standing in line, relaxing in your reception area, waiting by the elevator, sitting by the pool or relaxing in their rooms. Think of the places and times they will be taking a breath and possibly pulling out their phones to check email or social media.

  • Anticipate their needs throughout your property. Offer QR code coasters on tables by the elevator, on the bar, and on side tables throughout the building. Remind them they can book a hair appointment from the pool’s changing area or request a massage from the gym by placing beautiful QR code coasters in those spots. They’ll be delighted by your thoughtfulness.
  • Send a code home with them. Offer a QR code on their checkout paperwork or email where they can easily come back to your (always updated) information and book their next stay. 

 QR code signs that match your taste and decor

MyMosaic creates QR code signage in both glass and acrylic for placement on walls and surfaces throughout your property, inside and out. They can be customized to include your logo and design.

Our high quality, upscale signage for the luxury market is created in our studio located in Santa Barbara, CA. 

Rosewood Miramar Beach

Please feel free to contact us, We’d love to connect and discuss how we can help your business grow with QR codes.

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