Elevated Corporate Gifts

Elevated Corporate Gifts

Beyond the typical: effortless, upscale corporate gifting with My Mosaic.

Elevated corporate gifts for clients and personalized gifts for employees.

Finding corporate gift ideas that reflect your brand is challenging. It can take a lot of digging to find something memorable and meaningful in a sea of water bottles and fanny packs. A gift box stuffed with branded journals and t-shirts doesn’t really communicate the upscale nature of your brand, or your client’s eye for elegance. 

All of your choices seem to be more of the same, and no matter where they’re sourced, most branded corporate gifts seem cheap and a little bit meaningless at the end of the day. Instead of becoming cherished keepsakes in homes, these gifts are often relegated to the back of the closet and eventually make their way to the local thrift shop.

My Mosaic’s creative, personalized gifts keep your brand on display indefinitely and talked about often - the holy grail of corporate gifting.

custom client gifts

Whether you’re looking for gifts for clients, gifts for staff, corporate gift ideas, gifts for realtors and even gifts for teams, My Mosaic can create something highly personal, useful and beautiful to evoke connection to your brand. 

My Mosaic’s Signature Coaster Set: branded luxury that will be cherished for years to come.

Picture this: you choose four beautiful, high-resolution photos of your property, your project, or last summer’s epic corporate retreat. 

We wrap them in the luxury of beveled glass and turn them into functional objects to be enjoyed over dinner conversation and parties.

High-end client gifts

Made to last with signage-quality, fade-resistant ink printed directly onto glass, and secured with rubber feet to keep them in place, the coasters fall into that rare sweet spot of functionality, elegance and quality that keeps them out on the table and always in use. 

Flip the coasters over to reveal a second printed area that can include any message you want - your logo, contact information, website or a personal note. A final layer of crystal clear enamel creates a water and scratch-resistant surface.
Tied with a white satin ribbon and nested in a clamshell box, the Signature Glass Coaster Set makes a delightful and elegant presentation as well. 

Custom client gifts

Coasters can be ordered in bulk hereSingle sets can be ordered here.

Single Premium Coasters: thick glass tiles make the perfect keepsake paperweight.

A perfect client gift doesn’t have to be complicated. 

A single elegant image encased in a substantial, ½ inch thick piece of beveled glass that sits on a desk can add a touch of elegance and a constant reminder of your gesture and your refined taste (and your brand). 

Small custom client gifts

That one special photo that captures the essence of your company for your client, or a perfect piece of artwork that blends with your brand, transforms the glass into a memory that will be enjoyed for years to come.

Order in bulk here. Single orders can be placed here.

Luxury Acrylic Trays: for your very best clients.

Your best clients are everything to you. Let them know how you feel by giving them something with a little more star power. 

My Mosaic’s Luxury Acrylic Trays make a stunning display that speaks personally to your client, and an opportunity to say something a little more refined and special with a larger image. The trays are the perfect platform for a photo of your property or a special moment shared.

High-end client gifts

Personal, beautiful and functional - the Luxury Acrylic Trays also hit the trifecta that keeps your brand in the forefront of their minds and hearts. 

high end client giftsThe small tray is perfect as a catch-all for keys, coins and jewelry, while the medium and larger sizes are perfect as a central element on a coffee table, propped up against a bookcase or sitting on a desk to hold letters. 

Wherever they are placed and used, My Mosaic’s Luxury Acrylic Trays will serve as constant reminders of your brand. 

high-end custom client giftsCombining elegance and functionality, these trays are sure to become keepsakes used and enjoyed for years to come, placing your brand front and center in your client’s mind and those they entertain. 

Luxury Acrylic Trays can be ordered in bulk here. Single orders for trays can be placed here.

Perfect for everyone on your list.

Whether you’re looking for a showstopping acrylic tray or a packable, suitcase-friendly set of upscale glass coasters, My Mosaic has something for everyone on your list. 

custom client gifts

When choosing themes for your photos and artwork, you’re limited only by your imagination. Each gift can be personalized so you can get that “wow” factor with everyone on your list.

While the design is highly versatile, the quality never changes. 

Produced in a small studio in Santa Barbara, CA, My Mosaic creates upscale signage and gifts for the corporate and luxury hospitality industries. Focusing on just a few products, Alex Siegel, Owner and Founder, personally oversees each order to make sure they meet his high standards. Using signage-quality, fade-resistant ink, Alex prints directly on quality glass and acrylic, creating water-resistant, scratch-resistant, personalized products that stay gorgeous for decades. 

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