All About QR Codes

All About QR Codes

All About QR Codes

QR Codes are everywhere! Not only did they save us during the pandemic by helping to keep millions of people germ-free, but they continue to provide an ongoing solution for touchless service and information access.

And the value of QR codes isn’t just for the customer. Businesses reap great rewards when they provide QR codes, gaining valuable insights into their customer’s behavior and needs.

It’s a fantastic data trove for little or no cost, and once you set your QR code up, it just keeps working like a little supercharged charm. 

In fact, QR codes are so powerful and adaptable, they’re now considered an integral part of most marketing plans. 

What is a QR Code, and what does QR stand for?

“QR stands for “quick response” because it returns information so quickly. It’s like a barcode, but it holds more information, arranged in pixelated black and white squares within a frame of three larger shapes.

Fairmont Grand del Mar

Your camera sees the three big shapes and recognizes it as a QR code, so it “reads” all of the data stored within those larger shapes and returns the data to you, whether it’s a static pdf of a menu or a website landing page.

What is a static QR code?

A “static” QR code retrieves data from a set location on the web, rather than a URL or website. Static QR codes hold data like product information, a sales sheet, a menu or a resume. This type of code, once created, cannot be edited - think of it as a printed poster appearing on your phone that can’t be changed unless it’s re-created. These are wonderful for information that will not change, like directions to a building or a form to fill out. Example below:

Rosewood Miramar Beach

What is a dynamic QR code?

Dynamic QR codes are the way to go for most of your needs. A dynamic QR code is actually a URL, leading back to the web page of your choosing. 

This type of QR code can be edited indefinitely just by changing the link it directs to, or by changing the information on the web page itself. 

Think of a menu on your website that is accessed through the QR code. When you make changes to that web page (say, you run out of calamari), the change is instantly reflected everywhere.

Shutters On The Beach

Shutters On The Beach

Shutters On The Beach In-room dining QRs created by MyMosaic

Being able to change the link or information means you can change the use of your QR code whenever you want - use it for your menu, then change your links and use it for a questionnaire. You’re only limited by your imagination.

How to scan a QR code

The team at Denso Wave, who invented the QR code back in 1994, wanted scanning to be easy and fast, so they made sure the code could be scanned from a variety of distances and angles. That means QR codes can be scaled to be as large as the side of a building or as small as a piece of jewelry. Try it next time you encounter a code and see how it works. 

To scan a QR code:

  • Hold your smartphone towards the code - your camera should automatically open. 
  • It will instantly recognize the code and either return the data to you (if it’s a static code) or open a web link (if it’s a dynamic code).
  • Yes, it’s that easy! Try it out on the next code you come across.

How To Scan a QR code


  • If simply pointing your phone isn’t working for you, open your camera app and try again, or download a QR scanner app from the app store for your type of phone. 

Where to Create a QR Code

At MyMosaic, we work with Flowcode, a company that creates dynamic qr codes and menus for businesses. Flowcode helps you strategize and find the best QR code solutions for your growing business.

Ways to use QR codes

QR codes can improve your business in so many ways, they may be the most impactful advancement in marketing in the last 30 years. 

When your customers scan your QR code, you can learn a lot about their interaction:

  • The time of day
  • The location
  • The type of device they used
  • The web pages visited, and now long they spent on each one
  • If they placed an order
  • If they provided feedback or asked a question
  • If they shared information on social media

Depending on your business, your QR code might lead to a reservation page, a contact page, a facebook page or your About Us page. 

In fact, last year, the Boys & Girls Club of Venice California reached out to us to create QR codes for their auction. These QRs were dispersed throughout the event, and allowed people to "silently" bid on items, from the convenience of their seat. Below is 

Boys & Girls Club VeniceBoys & Girls Club Venice

Here are some ways to use QR codes to better connect with your customers.

  • Customer access to Wifi without a password
  • Accept payments securely
  • Link to a coupon that can be downloaded and used immediately
  • Take your customers to your newsletter signup page
  • Offer exclusive content not on your website
  • Provide “secret menu” items

A Huge Opportunity!

QR codes provide an opportunity for you to interact with your customers in new ways and at critical times that were simply not options before.

  • Provide information they might not otherwise come across
  • Enrich and entertain beyond your usual offerings
  • Engage and get feedback, shares and likes
  • Provide much deeper and more complete information
  • Highlight a benefit of your business
  • Make the customer experience more fun, easier and more pleasurable
  • Engage your customers right at the point of sale to offer incentives, information and support

QR Code Signs that Match your Taste and Decor

Your QR code is only useful if your customers see it and engage with it. 

Customers flock towards beautiful displays and are much more apt to interact with your QR codes if they are presented beautifully, like the rest of your decor. No one wants to scan stained pieces of paper anymore! 

MyMosaic creates exceptional QR code signage in both glass and acrylic, for placement in upright positions, on walls and flat on desks, restaurant tables, nightstands and poolside. 

Kimpton Key WestPictured above is Kimpton Key West QR codes. Each color represents a unique property and brand color scheme. Printed on our Acrylic QR Coaster.

Our high quality, hand-printed signage can include your logo and branded photos or artwork. 

Learn more about our Glass QR Coster, our Acrylic QR Coaster and our other QR Code Signage options for your property. 

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