W Residences Atlanta

W Residences Atlanta

Project Request

I traveled to Atlanta Georgia in January of 2021 to attend America’s Mart, the world’s largest home goods and furnishing show, interested in potentially having a showroom of my own.

Over 17 million square feet of showrooms left my head buzzing with ideas. I visited the W Hotel in downtown and after seeing their beautiful residence tower next door, I introduced myself to their Director of Residential Services. After a brief discussion about my products, they were interested.

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W Residences partnered with us to create gifts for their residences, a separate tower adjacent to the hotel. They needed something small, nimble, and representative of the quality standards they provide for their residences. We recommended our Signature Coaster Set.

Initially we discussed using regional photos of Atlanta, but they decided less is more in this case, and went with their striking logo in black, printed against a transparent background.

Custom Hospitality Gifts

About The Product

Our Signature Coaster Set is our most popular item for smaller gifts and merchandise. A beloved gift for both giver and receiver, this universally recognized tabletop item is a perfect addition to anyone’s household. The versatility of being able to print anything makes them a unique favorite for any industry. Corporations, resorts, and organizations alike use them for countless purposes.

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Signature Coaster Set

These coasters come in a set of 4, wrapped in satin ribbon, and presented in a white magnetic clamshell box. Simple, elegant, and effective. The glass is 5mm thick and is cut by a trusted factory partner overseas. Chamfered polished edges add a refined look, and strong rubber feet prevent slipping on surfaces. Your image is printed on the underside, facing upwards. You look through the glass onto the image. 

Matching The Brand

The W Hotel and W Residence brand are known for having a modernistic design aesthetic. They provide access to everything new and exciting around you, in whatever city you’re in, making you feel welcomed yet exclusive. Elevated pools with grand views, energetic lobbies, and creative culinary delights are all cornerstones of the W brand.

W Residences Atlanta
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They provided us with their brand style guide so we could be sure our products fit right in and become a seamless addition to their offerings. They wanted something new, usable, and small, so any residence could find a place for it in their home.

W Residences

Like most residences associated with hotels, offer the same amenities and services available to travelers. Complete with a 24/hour butler service, laundry, dry cleaning, and more, these residences offer units who’s forward thinking design makes them a high demand place to live.

Thanks for reading. Keep creating.



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