Rosewood Miramar Beach – Custom Wedding Gift

Rosewood Miramar Beach Custom Wedding Gift

Rosewood Miramar Beach custom wedding gift, acrylic tray, custom gifts

The Project

We are proud to announce our newest partnership with Rosewood Miramar Beach, one of Santa Barbara’s most beautiful oceanfront resorts. After our successful delivery of QR codes, we came back and introduced our Luxury Serving Trays to them. This tray was given to a newlywed bride and groom who had the honor of getting married at The Miramar. It served as a thoughtful reminder of their wedding experience, and a beautiful item to be displayed in their home forever. Our trays are arguably the most impressive product we have to offer. With three sizes to choose from – the largest measuring 16” x 20”. We are able to print any image on the underside, magnificently showcased under crystal clear acrylic. Of course photographs are an option, but we went one step further.

Our Collaboration

We partnered with a local watercolor artist Amy Logsdon to print a watercolor work of art on our trays. Amy was commissioned to paint a portrait of the property. We then digitized this portraits, and printed on our tray. The art featured a beautiful scene of Rosewood Miramar Beach, with mountains in the background, the Bride and Groom’s name written across the top, and the date of their wedding. A true one-of-a-kind gift, guaranteed to be a conversation piece for years to come.

rosewood miramar beach, custom wedding gifts, watercolor trays
watercolor tray, custom wedding gift, rosewood miramar beach, amy logsdon

About The Product

If you are looking to really WOW someone, our Luxury Serving Tray is your best bet. Made from crystal clear acrylic, our trays are custom fabricated for us in Orange County, CA. We went through four different fabricators until we found the one that matched our quality standards. Dimensions are 20in wide, by 16in deep, and 1.5in tall. We opted for 3/8″ thick acrylic, instead of the standard 1/4″. This adds significant weight to the trays, yet not too heavy to serve with. The acrylic is crystal clear, and showcases artwork in a way that truly brings it to life.

Bring it out into direct sunlight and you will see the affect (however don’t leave it exposed to prolonged sunlight). Our trays are durable, but like anything, can be affected by harsh conditions.

custom wedding gift, rosewood miramar beach,

 Benefitting Artists

MyMosaic benefits artists in more than one way. Aside from the exposure they get between venues, planners, and recipients – a royalty is also returned to the artist. A 20% of the gross sale to be exact. Higher than any other company in the industry. We should also pay homage to the thousands of wedding photographers out there. Their photographs would make truly remarkable additions to our products. If you know a local artist or photographer in your area who’d work you would like to use, let’s make it happen!

Those beautiful photographs adored by clients should live elsewhere besides wedding albums!


If you are interested in purchasing our Luxury Serving Trays, please visit our product page. Each product page has all the information you need for each product. If you have any remaining questions shoot us an email or give us a call, we’re here to help.

The Big Day

There’s nothing quite like a wedding. Flowers, food, music. And of course the venue, each having their own characteristics. Some clients choose big and grand, others prefer subtle and intimate. But what about after? So much time and planning goes into one day, and then just like a plate of bacon wrapped hors’ d’oeuvres, it’s gone in a flash.

Venues, planners, and photographers should give special consideration to their clients even after the event. Gifts are particularly important. It gives you an opportunity to show your appreciation to the bride and groom, and puts a cherry on top of the entire experience, so to speak. But not all gifts were created equally.

Consumables have become a popular choice for many industries, but what happens after their champagne or exotic cheese plates are gone. It’s like it was never there. Gone are the days of expensive champagne that gets forgotten!

Gifts should live on in the homes of their recipients, reminding them every day of their experience with you.

Thanks for reading. Keep creating xx


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