How QR Codes Can Enhance Your Special Day

How QR Codes Can Enhance Your Special Day

QR codes have been trending in wedding circles as the go-to way to collect RSVPs, but these little powerhouses can do so much more to enrich your wedding before, during and after the big day.

QR codes operate 24/7, collecting data and sharing information like a wedding planner in overdrive. They open up a world of choices for your guests that are exciting, interactive and fun to use. Goodbye boring old guest books and programs!

Using a QR code for your wedding also eliminates a large amount of organizational and logistical work for you. Instead of lists or spreadsheets to keep track of who is coming, food preferences and so forth, you can simply log in and see the current status of everything.

Working with web pages in the background that can be updated at any time, a dynamic QR code brings up a menu of options that can provide a huge amount of detailed information, from menus to directions to the history of the wedding site and anything else you want to share, all on demand. 

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Your QR code works just as hard to collect information, and can get as detailed as you need. It’s like having a personal assistant who never needs lunch, or sleep, or even to be paid. Pretty sweet, right?

Here are some innovative ways you can use QR codes to manage your wedding planning and create a better experience for your guests.

Before the big day

  • A wealth of information for your guestsA huge strength of QR codes is the sheer amount of information they can hold, allowing you to provide as much detail as you want without group emails or printing out tons of paper.
  • Beyond providing the invitation and schedule, you can share stories, engagement photos, links to your social media, a link to room reservations at the local inn, or a page of fun things to do in the town for your guests. You’re limited only by your imagination.
  • RSVP on SteroidsCollecting all of the information you need from your guests has never been easier, from their food preferences to the number of guests attending, it’s all right there, always updated, categorized and available for the wedding party or planner to use, keeping your logistics streamlined and stress-free.
  • GiftingProvide a link to your registry to take the guesswork out of gifting, and get up-to-date information on what’s been purchased. Guests can donate to your chosen charity and can even make cash gifts using your QR code.
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On the day of the event

  • Directions to the venueProviding a map and directions to the venue makes everything easier for your guests, and ensures that everyone arrives on time!
  • Seating chartWith a QR code, your guests can be assigned a seat in advance for a smooth, quiet settling into the church or the reception.
  • Last-Minute MessagingLast-minute changes happen sometimes, but with your QR code, guests have an easy way to update or send a message to let you know.
  • Last-minute giftingAll of the options for your code are still available and never expire, unless you decide to change or delete them. So guests who still need to get a gift can easily check your registry and make a purchase, even on the way to the wedding.
  • Sharing their unique perspectivesThe bride and groom want to be everywhere at every moment so they don’t miss a thing, but they can’t see it all. With a QR code, your guests can upload their photos, videos and special messages to you so you can share in your wedding from their perspective. QR codes allow you to collect all of it.
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  • Connect with each otherYour wedding brings together all of your favorite people and creates a unique period of time for them to be together. Your QR code can allow them to interact, plan brunch or go for a hike while they’re still in town.

After the event

  • Once the cake is cut and the champagne is gone, your wedding day may be over, but your QR code is still hard at work for days, months, even years to come. Guests can check in with your QR code to see what’s new since the wedding – they can check out your new honeymoon photos, download and print photos, and continue to share their own memories and messages.
  • Is the honeymoon over? What about a little get-together once you’re back home? Update your links and your QR code can announce the new details and collect RSVPs again.
  • Do guests still need to get a wedding gift? No problem! Your QR code still points to your registry 24/7.
  • Thank you cards have never been easier! Just look at all of the information your QR code has collected, and you can easily track the details of what your guests purchased and what they shared so you can personalize your thank you notes easily.
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Using more than one code for personalized messages

You can use one QR code for all of your wedding needs, or you can create a few special, even secret codes for special uses.

  • Let your future spouse know you’re thinking of them with a special QR code that leads to a personal message just for them.
  • A QR code at the reception that points to your social media allows for quick sharing of all the fun.
  • A code on your reception tables might lead to a funny video message or your family tree.

Using Flowcode for easy, no-hassle planning

MyMosaic partners with Flowcode to create dynamic QR codes for your event. Flowcode understands your needs and can customize a strategy that includes all the goodies you want to provide to your guests. 

Make your QR codes as stylish as the rest of your wedding.

At MyMosaic, we specialize in upscale QR code signage for your special events. We have Glass QR Coasters, Acrylic QR Coasters and Upright Signage to blend with your elegant decor. 

We also produce elegant, upscale table numbers, place cards and innovative invitations for your wedding. Contact us to learn more.

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