How Artwork Can Enhance Your Brand

How Artwork Can Enhance Your Brand

When you run an upscale property it can be challenging to find new ways to extend your brand beyond your obvious tried and true methods. Custom gifts are often the best bet.

You may have found some success in new niches around the seasons or holidays, but overall your brand may start to look stale without much change or growth. 

Using artwork to enhance and extend your brand is a fantastic way to breathe new life, new interest and even custom gifts into your business without a huge amount of investment or change in strategy.

A proven method to engage customers.

Incorporating visual art into a brand is not a new idea, but it has been studied extensively and shown to be a proven method to stimulate interest and engage consumers.

Back in 2008, the University of Georgia studied the role of visual art in enhancing brand extendability and found that incorporating artwork with a brand consistently stimulated new interest and engagement among consumers. Custom Watercolor ProductsLuxury Serving Trays – Any Logsdon – Miramar Beach

Dipping into the art world elevates your brand in the consumer’s eye, evoking an aura of culture, luxury, and refinement.

This well-documented consumer behavior creates a huge opportunity for your brand to connect in new ways through the power of visual art. 

Absolut Vodka: 25 Years of Successful Artist Collaborations

Perhaps the most successful example of a brand extending its reach through visual art is Absolut Vodka, who began collaborating with artists in 1986 when Andy Warhol mentioned over dinner that their vodka bottle was artistically shaped.

Absolut Vodka Andy Warhol

Using their iconic bottle and logo as the backdrop, Andy created the first artist-inspired Absolut vodka ad. Absolut continued with this concept of artist collaboration in their advertising for the next 25 years, creating over 1500 variations and producing a fourteen thousand percent increase in sales over that time.

How to extend your own brand with artwork

Once the creative juices start flowing, you may start to see a lot of new ways that you can combine art with your brand and your business. It can start with your signage, or with artistic, custom gifts in your shop.

Auberge Mauna LaniRead how My Mosaic helped Auberge Mauna Lani extend their brand with custom retail merchandise.

Choose artists that are meaningful to your brand.

When considering which artists to work with, think about your brand’s image, feel, and intention. Look for artists who align well in their subject matter, style and media.

Think about other ties to your brand, such as whether the artist is local or notable in your region. These types of connections can be valuable to your customers and evoke sentimentality. 

Fairmont Grand del MarRead about how My Mosaic collaborated with local artist Amy Logsdon to create custom gifts for Fairmont Grand del Mar’s private club.

My Mosaic works with artists to produce commissioned works that extend brands for some of the finest resorts and hotels. We can help you find the right artist for your collaboration too. Learn more about our Artist Collaborations.

Choose the right objects for your brand.

My Mosaic specializes in producing high-quality, custom gifts and signage for resorts, corporations and retail locations. 

We use signage-quality inks to create unique, personalized items that are perfect for extending your brand with artist collaborations.

Our Luxury Acrylic Trays and our Signature Coaster Set are quality keepsakes that will engage your customers to extend the conversation.

Need some help? Contact us to get started today.

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