Fairmont Grand del Mar – Private Club Membership Gifts

Fairmont Grand del Mar Private Club Membership Gifts

Project Request

Fairmont Grand del Mar is one of San Diego’s most prized resorts, boasting 400 acres of coastal canyon land containing a tennis pavilion, three swimming pools, horseback riding, and a world-renowned Tom Fazio – designed golf course. Avid golfers from all over the world come to Grand del Mar to experience the best of San Diego.

Fairmont Grand del mar, custom client giftsFairmont Grand del Mar, custom client gifts

This property is unique in offering people the opportunity to join an exclusive club, full of social, dining, and golfing experiences only found here – The Club and Grand del Mar.

Fairmont Grand del Mar, custom client gifts

The team at Grand del Mar needed to give their members something particularly special this year, as a token of appreciation for their membership. They wanted something that would not only impress but also remind them daily of the numerous activities available to them by being part of The Club.

fairmont grand del mar, custom client gifts

We naturally recommended our Luxury Serving Tray, our largest and most impressive product available. With the ability to print any image, the opportunities are endless to create luxurious client gifts that truly WOW, for anyone.

Their team specifically wanted to pay homage to the 400 beautiful acres of coastal canyon lands the resort sits on. After doing a little research, an idea sparked. We found a historic aerial map of the entire property and thought what better way to represent all the resorts’ offerings than a map of the property.

Fairmont Grand del mar, custom client gifts

Featuring a tennis pavilion, Grand Golf Clubhouse, horseback trails, pool complex, and their award-winning golf course, this aerial map was the perfect representation of what Grand del Mar Hotel and Club has to offer. However, instead of just printing the map, we went one step further..

Our Collaboration

Though the historic map was beautiful, we wanted to make this gift particularly unique. So instead, we approached one of our artistic partners Amy Logsdon and her company Moment Maps to create an artistic rendering of this map. She worked her magic and within a few days she had a gorgeous watercolor aerial map of their property.

Fairmont Grand del mar, custom client giftsIntroducing Amy to Fairmont was a no-brainer. We knew she would produce exquisite work and represent the kind of quality product we strive to create.

The Result

Our Luxury Acrylic Trays allows you to make your clients feel as they should – loved.

Fairmont Grand del Mar
Fairmont Grand del Mar

We chose our Luxury Serving Trays for this project because we wanted something that would truly wow the Club members. Also in our experience, maps translate perfectly onto our trays. A perfect token of appreciation for their membership, and an exquisite representation of all the activities the members enjoy at Fairmont Grand del Mar year-round.

About the Product

Our Luxury Serving Trays are the largest product we have available. These trays measure 16″ x 20″, with a 1.5″ wall, and are magnificent additions to any home. Often being the centerpiece of ottomans, vanities, and dining tables, they are naturally the topic of conversation. They catch the light and illuminate magically. 

These trays are custom made for My Mosaic by a trusted fabricator in Orange County, CA. Dimensions, thickness, and handles are all designed by us.

ROI, It Exists Here

ROI is important for gifting when it comes to businesses.

Gifting can be tricky, sometimes you just don’t know what to get. Maybe it’s something they like? Something they’ll use? Something unique to where you or they are located? The most important thing is that it accomplishes showing your appreciation for something. But businesses often don’t know how much to spend. Will their gift go unnoticed? Will it be a waste of money?

Our solution is our Luxury Acrylic Trays.

These trays serve many purposes, both intrinsic and utilitarian. Guests and clients are truly WOW’d by these items every time they see them. Not only do they function as a usable product daily, but they live on display in the homes of their recipients, as an elegant reminder of where it came from.

Thanks for reading. Keep creating.



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